• Web & UX Design

    We create and manage user-friendly websites for a variety of businesses and individuals. Let us know your needs and we'll start thinking up some affordable solutions.
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    HDO Site Reviews

    Get an independent review of your site's usability, copywriting and content. Give us a week, and we'll provide tailored advice on how to use your website more effectively.

  • Logos and Graphics

    Let us match your company identity to a memorable logo.
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    We also design brochures, web banners, business cards and other printed matter.

  • Copywriting

    Does your current text make an impact?

    Whether it's to improve your SEO or just make everything you say sound better, let us handle your copywriting needs. HDO has crafted effective copy for dozens of websites, brochures and ad campaigns.
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  • Translation

    Japanese-English Translation

    Why not hire an experienced translator who is also a professional copywriter? It just makes sense!.
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  • Photography

    Let us supply your appetite for images. Select images from our exclusive stock of over 100,000 pictures or hire us to conduct a photo shoot at your convenience. HDO images have been featured in numerous publications as well as on the American Photo blog.
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  • Design Products

    HDO is about more than just pixels! Our handmade books, cushions and other products make perfect gifts for design and art lovers. Order now or contact us to become a retail partner.
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